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Greens & Superfoods Essentials


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  • Description

    Good Manufacturing Practices Certified & Made in the USA.

    Bloom’s Greens & Superfoods contains 50+ nutrients including whole fruits and vegetables, fiber, probiotics, organic green superfoods, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, and adaptogens. Take a serving a day to decrease bloating and improve gut health, immunity and natural energy levels! This product has no artificial coloring or flavoring. 30 Servings.

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  • Supplement Facts
    Serving Size:
    6 Grams (1 scoop)
    Servings Per Container:
    Amount Per Serving:
    Calories 25 per serving
    Total Fat <1g 1%
    Total Carbohydrate 5g 2%
    Dietary Fiber <1g 4%
    Total Sugars <1g
    Protein <1g
    Sodium 20mg 1%
    Iron 1.7mg 9%
    Other Ingredients:
    Fiber Blend 1.724g, Inulin, Organic Flax Seed Powder, Apple Fruit Powder, Green Superfood Blend, Organic Barley Grass Powder, Organic Spirulina Powder, Organic Wheat Grass Powder, Organic Alfalfa Leaf Powder, Organic Chlorella Powder, Soy Lecithin Powder 1g, Probiotic Blend 648mg, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Lacttobacillus